Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Likeable Levi

I’ve decided to like Levi Johnston
And if anyone deserves compensation for their contribution
to life,
and for any hardship suffered in the process, it’s him

I think it’s time to start liking folk like him, a boy who shot so spectacularly to fame when he got Sarah Palin’s unwedded 17-year-old daughter Bristol knocked up three days after Palin was announced as McCain’s running mate.
Really, the kid deserves to be adored for simply being the protagonist in such a glorious moment in schadenfreude.
But my fondness goes beyond this.
I’ve just been reading his car-crashy expose of what it was like living with Sarah Palin while he dated Bristol in this month’s Vanity Fair.
I have to say, his first-person rundown is gallantly balanced and measured.
He comes across as a normal hockey-playin’, moose-shootin’ boy with the kind of bogan-a-licious name everyone in Wasilla seems to be christened with (The rest of the cast in this story illustrate the point: Tripp, Trig, Bristol…).
He’s gracious. And naive, even. Not out to sledge and moan. And he doesn’t seem to have a judgmental bone in his body.
Just a kid who couldn’t quite believe that the goose that is Sarah Palin had been planted on a rarified conveyor-belt, one assembly line stop-off from becoming America’s Vice President. Just like the rest of us.
Then again, the facts are salacious enough as they are. Life at Chez Palin during the running mate brouhaha was a carnival of errors and subterfuge.
October 8, 2009 - 8:43AM
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It is about time the Johnstons get more kudos going their way. Just surviving the past year is enough hardship and wrath. You have to hand it to the 19 year old, he didn't shrink and he got out in front of it all. The McCain/Palin machine is massive and won't let up on them, but they haven't stopped Levi.

The latest from the National Enquirer is hard to believe. Here is Gryphen's take:

How does a middle aged woman attack a teen without coming off as a total vindictive obsessed loser? If true, I don't know what further proof would be needed to confirm that Sarah Palin's mind is gone and there will be no coming back. I thought people that petty lived under rocks where no one else would know they existed or they have handlers to protect them from self-destructing.
The no commitment team Sarah has time to delay the book release and rewrite.

I can only dream she left some venom for her adversaries in
the McCain campaign.

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  1. Thank you. I, too, believe that this teenager has been just we needed, a non-politically motivated truth teller to shed some light on the Palin family. I am so glad that he has Tank and that he is safe. That is very important. I wish him all the best. I loved his commercial and emailed the company to that effect. Levi did not seek this fame, it was dumped on him and he has done tremendously well with it. Go Levi.