Monday, May 25, 2009

Greta Van Susteren's Benadryl saves life

of Wonkette Anna Marie Cox

Lifesaver "She was like 'I think I know what is happening to you. Don't worry about it. We're going to get you a Benadryl,' " Cox remembered a calming Van Susteren saying. A food allergy sufferer herself, Greta was ready with a backup plan: She carries an EpiPen epinephrine shot for her own emergencies. "If she hadn't been there, I don't know what would have happened. It would have been a thousand times worse," says Cox.
"why does Greta need an epi? must still be infested with some of those god-awful thetans." nathanst

Greta and her husband John Coale are Scientologists... Who knew she carries an EpiPen epinephrine shot?

Church Of Scientology To Go On Trial in France On Drug and Fraud Charges
Scientology Organized Crime Trial Just The Latest Of Many where trial date has been set for
25 May 2009

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May 26, 2009 Scientology on trial :
The French demonstrate their bravery by putting Scientology on trial

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